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15 metre extension lead for earlier "Telecom" connectors.

I can shorten it if needed (no charge)


Brand New (unused)



6/2 A new item (new old stock) - unused receiver diaphragm for 100, 200 and 300 series telephones




6/3 Dials, new (old stock) and in their original "PMG" container - 800 type dial complete and includes the connector cord





Not a picture (of the specific item) because I will have to service these older dials before they can be used

I also have a small number of the earlier number 10 ($40) and number 12 ($30) dials

Serviced and adjusted to the correct impulse speed

$40 / $30


Early style connector blocks.

(a) Unusual "1 pair" blocks and (b) early 100 type "2 pair" block

(c)Also a round "1 pair" block shown in the above pic (with dial)

$15-35 each

(a) $25

(b) $35

(c) $15

6/6 100/200/300 type handset - this one complete with good quality curly cord $37.50

separate parts

Mouthpiece $15

Earpiece $12.50

Cord $10


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Ericsson and similar style handsets - some with the oval shaped handgrip $50-$185

Some marked as "PMG"


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Genuine and original cords - some 2,3,4 and 6 wire

Some genuine plaited cords

Genuine PMG marked bell receivers

Other bell receivers

better than repro prices

Some marked as "PMG"


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Timber back panels for Commonwealth Ericsson Wall Phone (AB520 etc)

Pics with and without flash


I needed a couple for my own phones and when I found a sheet of plywood with a good colour, I made some extras