British Western Electric, Eiffel Tower



A very special rare telephone from about 1900. Everything is genuine and original except for the addition of new art work

This model (British No 40047) is known as the "Eiffel Tower" in Australia because of the leg arrangement. It was probably produced as a response to Ericsson's Skeletal phone, but was not as successful. It was widely exported and was used in small numbers by a a few Government departments in Australia. Very few seem to have survived over the past 100 years.

Two handsets were available - the plain model and the ornate embossed model. The handset seems to have been the phone's weak point, and many phones are found with Ericsson handsets. The transmitter and receiver shells were polished aluminium in most cases, and fitted with an early capsule version of White's Solid Back transmitter. Eventually a new model improved handset introduced in the late 1890s, appeared. It seems to have solved most of the reliability problems and was used with minor modifications throughout Europe.


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