LM Ericsson, Skeleton telephones




I have a number of LM Ericsson telephones being restored. Price will range from $1375 for an AC120/130 to $1875 for the rare and much earlier AC110 complete with correct cords and rare terminal block/rosette




Please contact me if there are any questions   -  


1976 - LM Ericsson Commemorative telephone in perfect working condition. During my telecommunications career, I never saw one of these except for thos in LM Ericsson's own office reception area






AC110 (aka 5 terminal) complete with correct cords and rare terminal block/rosette. One of these rare "rosette" terminal blocks alone sold on eBay last year for $850!!!!.




                                                                        Picture from the LM Ericsson Catalogue




Replacing with new LM Ericsson art work; after replacing the water slide transfers

I give them a couple of coatings of Shellac for protection




Unrestored LME Skeleton AC120/130  pictures taken from all corners to show the completely undamaged "deck"



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