SOS Emergency Telephone


The SOS Emergency Telephone is more than a standard everyday telephone. It also performs a number of unique emergency alarm functions. When an alarm is activated, the phone automatically dials the first of three pre-programmed telephone numbers. If the call is not answered the second pre-programmed telephone number is dialled, followed by the third if the second is not answered. If the calls are not answered the phone will repeat this process three times. When the call is answered the pre-recorded emergency message is played. Then the person can monitor the premises to ascertain the nature of the emergency.

Telephone features:

Redial – up to 24-digit number.
Ringer volume adjustment.
Speaker volume adjustment.
Selectable ring tones (3).
Recording function – used to record an emergency broadcast message to be played to predefined numbers.
Play function – used to replay the recorded message.

Emergency/Security Features:

Activate an emergency call by pressing the large red “EMERGENCY” button on the phone.
Remotely activate emergency call from up to 20 metres with remote pendant.
Can interface door or window detectors, PIR detectors and smoke detectors.
The functionality of a back to base alarm without the ongoing fees of monitoring.
Send an emergency message, which you have prerecorded, to a set of three pre-programmed telephone numbers.
Ability to listen to background noise at premises after alarm activation.