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Our next overseas trip will be for 7 weeks, starting in January 2018 to South America 



We started this Travelog when we bought the motorhome in the UK at the end of September 2010. After our travels in the UK and Europe we finally got back home in September 2012, then anxiously awaited the arrival of our M/H after shipping it from Southampton. 





After such a fantastic experience we flew home and our M/H arrived by sea at the Port of Brisbane in September 2012. 



Then there was all of the importation and compliance arrangements to take care of before we could get it road registered for Australia. We finally got it road registered just before Christmas 2012. As you can see, it takes up a good chunk of our driveway



So, the M/H bug was still with us at the start of 2013 and our first Aussie journey in January was to the annual Tamworth Country Music festival around 700 km South from our home in Brisbane. After Tamworth we then travel the 15,000+ km around Australia, starting at the end of March/early April (2013). We took about 3 months to travel through central Queensland, the Northern Territory, Darwin and Kakadu. From there, our trip took us via Broome and on to Perth Western Australia arriving at the end of June. Continuing our journey across the Nullarbor Plain and round the Great Australian Bight through the Adelaide wine regions and the Great Ocean Road to Victoria, then through Western New South Wales. After about $4000 in fuel cost, we were back home for Christmas.


This image of the countries that we visited in Europe and the UK superimposed on a map of Australia gives an idea of the enormous difference in distance that we will travel in Oz.