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The Unconventional Telephones 


Novel phones have brought a sense of fun, and a huge avenue for collectors, to what has been a strictly functional device in the past. The novelty can be simply the appearance, but also cartoon and movie voices have been added instead of the traditional ring signals. Sounds of trains, songs, animal sounds and comic messages, even astrological predictions can be heard when a call is coming in.

Some of the novelty and decorator series of telephones have been available as a set of character phones from the movies or cartoons. This trend continues, with newer novelty telephones produced from time to time as new "fads" appear. Some of the more recent additions include the popular Slinkies, Bratz, the Hulk, Spiderman, and Sponge Bob Square Pants etc.

Like all collecting, it is the earlier and most rare models that become the most desirable and also appreciate most in value. Telephones have also been commissioned to celebrate significant events, such as the Olympics, Queen Elizabeth’s 25-year Coronation anniversary and some of these will obviously have limited availability.

Absolutely "One of a Kind" – Handmade Motorcycle 

These pictures just can’t do justice to the colours and the "depth" of the paintwork, and one could only describe this handmade motorcycle telephone as a work of art.

The workmanship and the finish are first class and we can only speculate as to the amount of time that it would have taken to turn an idea into this phone.


When a shape is handcrafted in fibreglass and finished with a very glossy finish some imperfections would normally be expected. Not in this though; where one curve meets with one from another angle, everything flows in smooth lines and is perfectly symmetrical. 


Obviously made by a true motorcycle enthusiast and according to the nameplate underneath, it was made as a gift in 1991. The maker is unknown, but certainly deserves congratulations for the result of his/her efforts.



Another Handmade – With Timber Inlay

Another handmade creation that could possibly have taken weeks to complete is this "inlayed" timber phone. The screw on mouthpiece and earpiece caps would have also required special crafting skills to ensure that the external shape blended well to the rest of the handset with the caps screwed on snug. In a similar manner to the previous phone, a standard dial phone’s components are simply housed inside.