In this present day, we often buy items through the Internet for cost savings and convenience. Probably 99% of traders are honest people and are a pleasure to deal with. The problem of course with Internet sellers, is that they can be relatively anonymous, and the Sales/Payment site owners really put no effort at all into tracking down the dishonest traders. Whilst I have overall found that Internet buying has been a positive experience, it doesn't give any comfort when we know that we've been cheated.

The "feedback" system in eBay doesn't really help to detail the experience, so I'd prefer to use my own site where some of the dishonest traders may be found  by a simple "Google" search


So, for my personal satisfaction and for the benefit of collectors who may consider buying telephones (or other items) through the Internet. The following list of Rogues gained from my personal experience might save some stress.


GERMAN - Für meine eigene Zufriedenheit und zugunsten der Sammler, die Telefone (, oder andere Einzelteile) durch das Internet zu kaufen erwägen können. Die folgende Liste von Gaunern gewonnen von meiner persönlichen Erfahrung konnte irgendeinen Druck speichern.


FRENCH - Pour ma propre satisfaction et au profit des collecteurs qui peuvent considérer acheter des téléphones (ou d'autres articles) par l'Internet. La liste suivante d'escrocs gagnée de mon expérience personnelle pourrait sauver un certain effort.


PORTUGUESE - Por mi propia satisfacción y en.beneficio de los colectores que pueden considerar el comprar de teléfonos (o de otros artículos) a través del Internet. La lista siguiente de los ladrones ganados de mi experiencia personal pudo ahorrar una cierta tensión.


Internet Rogues


I.D. / Handle


Ray Kotke



Alexandro Javier Romero



Marie Carre 

France filibus75