Testimonials / Feedbacks


I expect that " TELEPHONE talk"  will sell mainly as a result of positive feedback and word of mouth. Although it is very early days in the distribution, I just couldn't be more pleased with the unsolicited responses from the first buyers of my book. 




15/8/2005 - From PL, in NSW

"I've finally gotten around to thanking you for the book that you sent me. Dave, it is a great book, I was very pleased with it and I am proud to add it to my collection. I have enjoyed it very much having spent 42 years on the job amongst these phones myself. Congratulations to you, hope you sell  many copies, the book deserves to be seen."


15/8/2005 - From GvB, in SA

"After a first look in your book I have to say I am most impressed.  I hope it sells well; it certainly deserves to.  I will do my bit to spread the word.  And I look forward to delving into it in greater detail."


15/8/2005 - From RW, in Canada. (It is even more special to get good feedback from an established restorer and antique telephone seller - look at some of their sales items at http://tinyurl.com/q2g7h )


"Hi Dave: The book arrived today and I wanted to contact you to say that I think you have done an excellent job. We have been restoring and selling telephones for years and very much appreciated every chapter of your book. As one of Ebay's top sellers of antique telephones we take our hat off to you. Your book is commendable. It arrived in good condition and with timely shipping. All the best and we will be leaving positive feedback shortly ..........RW


15/8/2005 - From DP, in the USA. 

"Yesterday, I received the book, "Telephone Talk". For the novice phone restorer, and for everyone else that wants to see some great phone pics, with a European / Australian / American twist, this is a great book.
I couldn't wait to get home from work so I could dig into it again. The book is very informative, from what I've read thus far. Takes awhile to get through all the pics that you won't see in other books. (And I have lot of books.) Dave doesn't hold anything back. He describes all his restoring techniques. It is a fine production from a down to earth, "down under" guy. Two totally different books, (this one & Ralph's) Both of these books belong on your bookshelf.
I very much doubt that you will be disappointed."


15/8/2005 - From the book's first Public Library orders 

"Print and binding quality excellent"

"Good balance of technology repairs and general interest"

"Excellent picture quality"

"Good structure and assembly of ideas"


15/8/2005 - From HT, in USA. 

"What a great book. The restoration guide is excellent especially your before and after pictures. Showing the different telephones used on other continents in similar eras gives a good picture of what other countries were doing. 

A very good book to read. Good colour pictures are important, but your book makes the whole subject very interesting"


15/8/2005 - From MM, in Brisbane Australia. 

"Thank you for your book and taking the time ................. You are to be congratulated for taking the time and the effort for putting the information into print for all to read, absorb and enjoy. I found that it had a good mix - something technical, something for the collector and something for the average  person just interested in the telephones that we grew up with."


15/8/2005 - From SP, in Christchurch New Zealand. 

"An excellent book and great pictures throughout!   It'll certainly become one of my 'bibles' for phone restoration!"


15/8/2005 - From RJB, an "expert collector" in Perth Western Australia. 

"There has been some very positive feedback on your book from our members. Some of our members were never of a technical background & they were impressed that it touched subjects that are not found in earlier Works by other Authors. What I liked about the book was the info on restoration, in which I seem to be on the same wavelength as you .........."


10/8/2005 - From HH in the USA. 

"The book arrived this morning - that was quick. The book itself is incredible; I don't think I've ever seen a better all-round work, especially as regards restoration ............. Anyway, I'll be buried in your book for many evenings to come.  Well done!!"


8/8/2005 - From DW in the UK. 

"I have to say, I am very impressed and can't wait to read it". Followed later by "It's a real pleasure ... I can't put the book down! The part on polishing bakelite is a real help"


7/8/2005 - From KG in the UK 

"Your book is just the best book on telephones I've found...... The advice on repairs and restoration is the best I've read, all the photographs are first class. Its' sections on history and evolution, exchanges, mobiles etc are an excellent read. In your intro you say that the book was intended to be a guide to people without much telephony experience.......... I think this book will appeal to, and inform all levels! Anyone with an interest in telephones and telephony cannot fail to find your book absolutely absorbing ............."



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               Great book, easy to read, good info on restoration. AAA+++

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               Excellent book. Prompt delivery

               ultra quick from OZ - great book highly recommended to all -well worth it -A1+++

               thankyou - the book is great. Perfect for what I needed

               This is a first class book ,full of useful information & in plain English. AAAAAA

               Fast delivery, interesting book, thanks, A+A+

               A very informative book,  Thankyou A+

               A+ If you are a telephone collector you need to buy this book

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