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Sale conditions

Most of my advertised items either come from or are surplus to my collection – please bear in mind that I don’t operate a retail business and that most items are old, or unique and in some ways can show signs of age. Rarely will the signs of age be enough to detract from the overall appeal of the telephone.

No to Paypal

Paypal has transaction charges that cost me much more than I am prepared to pay. I was recently paid $1530 for a rare telephone and the Paypal transaction charge cost me a whopping $80



If the telephone is sold as a working example, I will provide a 3 months warranty from the date of purchase – the buyer will be responsible for postage costs. In all cases, I will provide a money back guarantee if the phone is not what the buyer might have reasonably expected from reading my description; again, the buyer will be responsible for all postage costs and the cost of any modifications that they had requested. 


Working telephones 

If the telephone is sold as working, to connect to the Australian Network it will need a miniature or 610 connector. I will fit the required connector  free of charge. 

Some telephones have a line cord that just can't be fitted with a miniature connection. For these I can provide an adapter cable.


From the era before dial phones - Buyers will often see bright, shiny brass parts and accents on phones that are said to be "antique"; this is a good sign that they are not original. 

I don't modify old phones by putting modern components in them to make them working, because I think they should be kept as original as possible. Almost without exception, the telephones from before the 1920's are not really suited to everyday use. That is not to say that they can't be used at all, they can; it is just that they won't have the speech quality or the facilities that we are used to. Some of them though will be fine for answering calls, which is probably all that is needed if it is used as a feature for a bedside or family room. Even rotary dials will work on some modern telephone lines.



Some of the pictures of items that I will be selling are pictures from my collection and phones might be pictured where they "reside" on the shelves, or wall mounted. If I have had more than one of any type of phone, the phone on sale might not necessarily be exactly the same as the one in the picture; and you might need a higher resolution  picture to make an informed decision; just ask. 

The description though, of the condition and whether working or not will be accurate. So, by all means be satisfied that I have provided all of the information that you need.


Useful Information 

I have prepared a (pdf) document to provide an approximate time-line in a picture. It shows the type of telephones typically used in Australia during the 1900's. This might help folks to decide which era of phone best suits their needs.



When buying any used and collectible item, it is often very difficult to gauge the validity and condition without actually having the item in your hands. The eventual discovery that the item is not as described is the penalty one can pay when buying on-line such as through eBay. Even if the seller honestly thinks an item is genuine, it takes expertise to be sure. Quite often it is difficult to validate without close examination (especially the internal parts).

I will guarantee that the descriptions of my phones are based on a thorough examination of the phone inside and out and more than 50 years of telephone experience.

Condition will be one of the most important considerations whether a buyer is a collector, decorator or just someone seeking the nostalgia of a telephone that they remember from younger days. The telephones that you see on this site have all undergone many hours of work and effort to repair and restore them to their former glory. That effort is naturally somewhat reflected in the price of the item but it will be far better value for money than buying a "restoration project" and then not finding the time or spare parts to complete the project..


Imitations - Information here

Fakes and Genuine Vintage Collectable Antiques - Information here


See something you'd like???

Space is a premium for me so if you see something on my "collections" pages that you would like to buy, please ask; I may decide to sell. Or, contact me if there is a particular phone that you are looking for, or that special location that you want to decorate.  


And that's not all 

With any telephone purchased; and to promote sales of my book "TELEPHONEtalk", I will offer a copy at the very special price of A$27.50 – no additional postage; usually A$40 with postage in Australia.


For more details "Click" on the category below that interests you most. 

The following pages show a selection of items that are available for sale. As these pictures will show, I'm now in a position where I just don't have enough space in my "display room".

So, even if you don't immediately see something that you're looking for, contact me because I may have it available for sale anyway


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