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Time to reduce this collection

Now that I'm in my 70s, I feel that it is time to make sure that I don't leave such a huge collection behind me - it wouldn't be fair to those around me, particularly when they don't quite share the passion and the history/knowledge.

So, I've decided that almost anything in the collection is available for sale. Some items in the collection are "one-off" and consequently they are very rare. Some things are better kept together as a set.

On the information pages "Most Recent" additions are marked as 


Recent Changes (27/12/2017) 


Very rare "Boulevard double [back to back] phone booth for sale see item 2/35


Historic aluminium pay phone booth for sale, see item 2/34


Some new items for sale on Page 2 and also "Quick Search" thumbnails added


LME Ericsson wall telephone main station for sale, see item 1/5b


Antique Telephones Show update


Very rare BWE Eiffel Tower telephone for sale ($4750) see item 1/1b 


Ivory and Green PMG 801 telephones for sale see item 3/1 


Very early Commonwealth Ericsson Wall Phone- For Sale, see item 1/3


A rare LM Ericsson Ha 250/10 for sale, see item 1/5 


A second rare twin magneto "Partner Telephone" for sale, see item 1/8b 


A very rare twin magneto "Partner Telephone" for sale, see item 1/8a 


A warning for potential buyers from a US collectable phones trader


LM Ericsson AC/110 (aka 5 terminal) for sale, item 1/1


Unusual Marbled Green dial phone for sale, see item 3/11b 


Very rare Oppenheimer Telegraph Poles as used on the Overland Telegraph 


Metal wall phone by British Ericsson for sale, see item 1/4 


Tasmanian Devil novelty phone - for sale see item 5/6


Information added on one of the collections rarest phones - Berthon Ader


Timber back panels for Ericsson Wall Phone restoration - For Sale,see item 6/9




On occasions, I've been interviewed about my hobby by newspaper and magazine journalists, radio stations live and the ABC Collectors TV program. 

Live Radio interview

Radio NZ (5/1/2010)

16 minutes

Live Radio interview

ABC Brisbane 612 (9/7/2010)

9 minutes

From the ABC radio web site: Called "Collection Chaos"



Please let me know of any broken Museum links. 


Museums and telephone history



Slide shows of some of the communications museums that we visited in Oz, and on our Europe/UK trip Aus/Europe/UK
British Telecom (online Museum) UK
British Telecom (history - timeline) UK
Christian Bruckner - Vienna Telephon Museum Austria
Frank H. Woods Telephone Pioneer Association Lincoln, Nebraska
Gridley Telephone Museum Illinois
John K. La Rue’s Museum of Telephony Stockton, USA

Shoretel historic telephony (web) 

provides links to many other interesting web pages on a range of telephone subjects

Prince Edward Island Canada
Nortel Retiree's Museum Montreal
The Postal & Telecomms Historical Society Queensland Brisbane/Australia

She Who Must Be Obeyed