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"TELEPHONE talk" ISBN 0-9757735-0-X


Special Prices 




For anyone with an interest in Antique Telephones, I have discounted the book as much as possible. 


Unfortunately, postage prices have increased due to a number of factors and are now a real barrier for buyers. The worst case is posting to the USA/Canada where from December 2010, an extra $9 is now charged just for scanning postal articles against terrorist threat. 

That means that just for postage of a single book to the USA, the cost is A$32 - ouch


The best way to save on postage charges is if Club members can band together to buy more than one book. Even two or three books posted together results in significant savings per book. The PayPal buttons cannot be used in this case - email me and I can quote 


The following prices apply for various countries.




Australia - individual book $40 posted anywhere ($34 without postage)

Payment by bank transfer is preferred - please email for details

    New Zealand Buyers - individual book AU$47.50 posted.


    USA Buyers - individual book USD51 posted.


    UK Buyers - individual book GBP32 posted.          


    European Buyers - individual book Euro38 posted. 



Important to Note

The book is very well protected in an Australia Post "TUFFbag".


Payment in Australia is preferred through Direct Deposit.

For all international orders, at Paypal by clicking on the button.




I have just 2 options for electronic funds transfer -

1. Bank transfer - Best within Australia, but the banks are horrendously expensive for international.

2. Paypal - best for international transfers. No transaction charges at all for the buyer, safe and very easy to sign up. Just click on the button and if you don't already have an account, it will direct you to a sign-up page.