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 "TELEPHONE talk" ISBN 0-9757735-0-X 

From 1860 and the Invention

To Internet Telephony in 2000


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My book takes a very different and international look at Telephony from the 1860's to Internet telephony in the 2000's. 

Understandably, there are many collectors who will "specialise" by restricting their collection to a particular telephone manufacturer, or theme. Although the available storage/display space will often demand this specialisation, these collections can unfortunately miss out on some of the very interesting telephone items. The more one knows and understands of the entire history, the more interesting it becomes, particularly when one sees some of the other paraphernalia surrounding the telephone.


"TELEPHONE talk " starts with the invention and the inventors, and then in each chapter, telephones typical of each decade, plus switchboards/telephone exchanges typical of the decade and how calls are connected. Also in these chapters, is a section devoted to the repair and restoration of the telephones of each decade. 

In addition to the obvious aspects of telephone history, my book also shows some of the unusual and very interesting telephone related collectibles. 

A reader will see items such as toys,  postcards, telephone hiders, silver plated items and some of the slightly risqué - inoffensive enough though to be allowed in an elementary school library.

In the early stages of looking for publishers, or " self publishing" organisations, it quickly became obvious that if I was going to be able to offer the book at a price that collectors could afford, then I would have to make all of my own publishing arrangements. 

So........ at this point, the book will only be available directly from my own stock. 

The retail price is very reasonable at A$37.50 - there are so many tips and tricks in the book that can save buyers ten times the purchase cost in buying or repair guidance.  




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